If You Can't Find The Dog In This Crowd Of Pandas Then Who Even Are You?


It seems like every other week another "spot the" challenge pops up. Can you spot the panda in the snowmen? Can you spot the hidden words? CAN YOU SPOT WHEN PEOPLE PRESENT YOU WITH A REALLY EASY CHALLENGE SO YOU FEEL SMART AND SHARE THEIR POST WITHOUT CONSIDERING IT WAS ALL AN EVIL, CORPORATE PLOY?

Sorry about that.

Lego is now challenging everyone to spot the dog among the pandas, and honestly, if you can't do it then who are you? What succession of events in your life led you to this point? How did millions of your ancestors manage to survive and procreate, only for it all to come to this?


We managed to find all the pandas! But can you find our #LEGODUPLO dog?

A photo posted by LEGO (@lego) on

Have you seen him? Are you pleased with yourself? Do you feel fulfilled? Was it worth it?

Get out of our sight. 



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