IMPORTANT: KFC Launches Breakfast Menu In 10 Venues Across UK

None of that 'only in the US' cock and bull.

As of Monday (10th October) your life will improve infinitely. Why? Because you can eat fresh fried chicken for breakfast every goddamn day.


KFC's new menu features the 'Chicken AM' – a piece of Original Recipe chicken, smoked bacon, an egg and cheese, served up in the wee small hours (ok, 6am) until 10.30am.

Providing you don't have a heart attack, we can't imagine a smoother start to your (hungover) day. Not in the mood for chicken (you stone cold freak)? Try the bacon and/or egg roll instead. There's hash browns and coffee, too. Sweet baby Jesus, is this what heaven looks like?

The new menu will be launched in just ten restaurants across the UK, so you'd better put your house up for sale real quick.

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