Impractical Joker Murr Tells Us It Took 15 Years For His Show To Be Aired

If at first you don't succeed, prank and prank again...

The Impractical Jokers are the best at cheering us up. 

When Murr came into the office this week for a Facebook live Q&A, he was there to dish out advice, entertain and tell us all about his novel, 'Awakened.'

Something that really struck a chord with us, though, is his tale of how he and the gang actually got to our TV screens. 

We know things take time, but we were shocked to hear it took 15 YEARS of hard graft for the Jokers vision to become a reality. 

Explaining how long success can actually take, he told our Facebook fans: "The guys and I from jokers, we are regular guys, we weren't cast in the who, we weren't discovered, we didn't audition for the show... We literally tried for like, 15 years to get on TV with no luck, tried everything. We sold a couple of other shows to other TV networks and couldn't get ahead. So we just worked for a really long time and failed alot until we finally succeeded." 

If that's not some motivation for you, we don't know what is! 

Now, go! Run free and start that thing you've always wanted to start... 

*Braces self for influx of pranksters taking to the streets* 

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