Incredibly Formal Child Requests Meeting With Parents To Discuss Crucial Topics

We want to read the minutes of that meeting.

You know how you thought you were a weird child? You weren't. You know how you thought you were cute and unique? Also, no. The child-with-the-weirdest-cute-uniqueness award goes to Tia, who wrote this professional note to her parents to get the job (i.e. a change in bedtime) done. 

In the memo, labelled "re: bedtime", Tia writes: "I would like to meet with you to discuss a change in my bedtime. Please let me know when we may meet."

The incredibly important document was posted to Reddit by Tia's current boyfriend, who found it while they were looking through her baby book. 

Unfortunately, we don't yet know the outcome of the meeting, or that quarter's bedtime results. We'll keep you posted as soon as more information comes in.