17 Borderline Genius Christmas Leftover Creations

So *this* is what you're meant to do between Christmas and New Year...

Which is better, actual Christmas dinner, or the leftovers in the days following?

Marvel at these leftover creations, and we dare you not to feel kind of disappointed in your mum's cooking (don't tell her though. For the love of God, don't tell her). 

1. This magical Christmas pie


Dinner for tonight, does exactly what it say on the pie. :) #christmasleftovers #pies #yummy

A photo posted by Lucy Furlong (@lucykf30) on


2. These leftovers eggs Benedict


5. These saucy turkey meatballs


6. This ham, cheese and cranberry croissant 


7. This Christmas hash


8. This epic gravy-packed sandwich


My baby made me a left over Christmas dinner sandwich OMG so delicious and filling could only eat half 

A photo posted by Lydia|Fifty Shades of Fitness (@liddiiees) on


9. This turkey and chive bubble and squeak


13. This turkey pot pie with a stuffing top


14. These leftover-stuffed baked potatoes


15. These jam-stuffed Yorkshire puddings


16. This Christmas dinner ramen


17. This ham and stuffing pie


#homemadepie #chickenandhampie with stuffing through the middle. #hotwatercrustpastry #lovebaking #christmasleftovers

A photo posted by Chèlle Wilson (@chelle.wilson.xo) on

Get cooking, and mourn the day the leftovers run out like never before.

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