Invisibility Cloaks Are SUPER CLOSE To Being An Actual Thing

Muggle science says so.

It's no magic, but muggle science has done some great stuff. We've got iPhones, we've got remote controls, we've got contraceptive pills, hey, we've even got snooze buttons on alarm clocks. 

But have we got invisibility cloaks like Harry Potter was gifted from his ol' da? NO WE HAVE NOT.

Yet, anyway. Scientists say we are super duper close to them actually becoming a real thing. WHUUUUT.

“The key is distorting the way light bounces off an object. We're able to see things when light reaches our eyes. If we want to hide this apple, we just have to change the way that the light gets scattered off of its surface,” the video above (watch it, it's awesome) explains.

 “Scientists are getting kind of close to making these dreams come true", they tell us.

Christmas list, managed.

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