Is This Long-Lost Game Of Thrones Character The Key To The Whole Blooming Thing?

Just keep rowing. Just keep rowing.

The stage is set. The ships are sailing. The end is nigh. 

There are only two more series of HBO's epic Game Of Thrones left, and right now we're heading towards a pretty dramatic climax. Between Dany beginning her assault on Westeros and Jon facing off against the White Walkers, season seven is guaranteed to be a pretty bloody affair. But who will come out as the series' MVP?

Well, according to a new theory doing the rounds, a long-lost fan favourite might be smack bang in the middle of the greatest revolution in Westerosi history. No, we're not talking about Robert's Rebellion. We're talking about the rebirth of Valyrian steel.

In case you missed it, or you're a forgetful buffoon, Valyrian steel is one of the two substances that can perma-kill a White Walker (the other being Dragonglass). Remember when Jon smashed that chilly zombie into a gazillion pieces in Hardhome? That was Longclaw, his Valyrian steel sword, showing what its made of.

But the art of crafting Valyrian steel has been lost to the ages... unless a certain blacksmith's apprentice picked up a few specific tricks of the trade before he was shipped off to the Wall, captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners, sold off to Stannis Baratheon and then set free to sail aimlessly into the void never to be heard from again...

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The iconic Olympic-level rower is played by Joe Dempsie, who was recently spotted in Thrones hub, Belfast airport. Obviously this potential long-awaited return set Reddit ablaze.

Reddit user, Sethg119, posed the following scenario on a recent thread: “I believe we will cross paths with Gendry again in Oldtown when Sam starts his studies as a Maester. I believe that Sam will study the creation of Valyrian Steel and will require a smith. He will then go to the smith that resides in Oldtown who will be no other than Gendry.”


Add to that the fact that, when asked whether Gendry might have been taught how to craft Valyrian steel by his former master, George R. R. Martin replied "interesting question" (his version of, yes, obviously) and you get a pretty compelling argument.

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We liked Gendry before, but now we damn well love him.

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