Is This The Most Inappropriate Art Lesson Ever?

This teacher ~really~ wants you to draw an owl...

The jump from primary to secondary school can be a bit of a shock.

Going from being Johnny Big Bollocks in year six to Weasley Pete, the lad who pissed himself orienteering in baby school is a bit of a mindfuck.


The hardest thing about those early years are being treated like a kid, when you know full well you're a full grown adult.

See these marijuana leaves on my canvas shoulder bag? Witness my shag bands. I can use a Parker pen. I've achieved shit, teacher. What have you ever done? NOTHING.


But every so often there'd be one teacher, one glowing ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and gloomy world, who would treat you like the grown up you knew you were. Other times, there're teachers who make monumental cock ups, like this art teacher.

Looks like a regular art lesson, right? You draw some circles, draw a wing and a beak and some cute fluffy ears and BAZUMBI you got an owl...


Look closer...


That's right!

Yep, this teacher in an American middle school just told kids to draw a fucking owl. Not just some kids...

400 KIDS!


Tbf I'm pretty sure most of you used worse language from a much earlier age, but still, pretty awks mate.

Pretty awks.

Here's guessing this is one teacher who can't wait for PTA night...

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