Is This The REAL Reason Polyjuice Potion Is In The Restricted Section?

Or should that be, Sex-ion... No. No it should not.

The wizarding world is a wonderful place.

Want to erect a wedding venue quick smart? Wingardium Leviosa's got your back. Make your mate vomit slugs? There's a curse for that. Maybe you fancy sticking your enemy with a spectral knife for the LOLs? Sectumsempra should be on the tip of your tongue at all times.

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But what if you want to bang your favourite celebrity? No, we're not advocating the use of love potions or Imperio. We're talking about Polyjuice Potion.

Yes, Polyjuice Potion. Used for years to sneak into government ministries, impersonate professors, or start the most disturbing orgy of all-time.

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Obviously it's a pretty dangerous substance, but could it also be the thing that adds that extra spark to your marital bed? Well, no, because the bastards banned it, but imagine. A few painless hairs and you too could bang Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, hell, even Voldemort himself!

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Should you? No, that's probably why it's in the restricted section. But ~would~ you, now that's a much more interesting question...

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