Matt LeBlanc's New Top Gear Partner Is The Last Person you Expected

And on that bombshell... no, it's not Gunther.

No one was too surprised when Chris Evans ducked out of presenting Top Gear alongside Matt LeBlanc after just one series - but everyone assumed there'd be some mad-quick audiitons for newbies to accompany our buddy Joey.

Many have said Matt is so beloved and capable (who knew?! WE DID) that he'll carry the mantle alone, no replacement required.

But today brings news that famous chef James Martin might take Chris' spot. Awkard, because, um, Joey doesn't share food.

"James has gone from 20/1, a real long shot, to shooting to the top of the market, we now price him at odds-on 5/6 – installing him as favourite due to public demand," said Paddy Power spokesman Lee Price.

Chris Evans is reportedly the subject of a sexual assault investigation from back in the 1990s, but it's unclear whether this was a factor in his resignation.

Top Gear's 24th season will begin filming in September, and LeBlanc *will* be joined by the show's other contributing hosts (Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan, Rory Reid, and Chris Harris) but in the main, it'll be Matt calling the shots. 

A source told The Sun newspaper that it'll be Matt on his lonesome, though:

"Matt is going to get the big job on his own. There are already active negotiations and he's almost certain to sign now that he doesn't have to work with Chris. Chris won't be replaced but Matt will become the star presenter surrounded by the existing team."

Luckily, he's had a LOT of practice:

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