It's Exactly 18 Years Later And Still Nobody Knows What Chandler's Job Was


18 years and three days ago, "The One with the Embryos" aired for the first time. If you need reminding (get out), that's the episode in which the gals and guys take part in a quiz about each other, the prize of which is Monica's apartment. 

To mark the anniversary, Graham Norton got Matthew Perry to answer the quiz questions on his show, and Perry did amazingly well. Until... 

"What is Chandler Bing's job?" asked Norton, just like Ross had all those years before. 

And just like Monica and Rachel, everyone was stumped. Neither Perry, nor a soul in the audience could identify Chandler Bing's occupation. 

Which is really shocking. Because, er, we know it has something to do with numbers. And he carries a briefcase. And he transponds stuff.

So there. 

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