It's Imperative That You Travel To This Brand New Dog Cafe Immediately

It is your destiny.

Wednesday might be called ‘Hump Day’ by the kind of people you abandon exciting plans for in fear of stumbling across, but according to a recent study Tuesday is statistically the unhappiest day of the week.

And there are only two things that can remove you from that T-Day funk, saddos - coffee and dogs.


Which is why, after a fairly rambling and unnecessary intro that we’re very grateful you stuck with, we’re going to talk to you after the first ever dog cafe in Delhi, India.

Called Puppychino, it’s a place where people can pamper their pets, lorded over by the cafe’s two mascots Bobo the labrador and Simba the husky.

“We would feel guilty leaving them behind when we went out for food. The perception towards street dogs in India is digusting,” Mallika Tandon, owner of the cafe told Mashable. “Through the venture, we want to send the message that they are living beings as well, and they deserve to be treated well.”

But you’re not here for words. You’re here for pictures of dogs in cafes. HERE ARE YOUR DOGS IN CAFES. HAPPY TUESDAY.


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