It's Time To Rewatch The Most Epic Prince Story Ever Told

Game, blouses.

There is no better time to rewatch (or watch, if you're lucky enough to experience this for the first time) this legendary Chappelle Show sketch about Prince. The immortal basketball story was told by Charlie Murphy (that would be Eddie's brother, yes) as part of his segment "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories".

Murphy tells the story of a basketball game he had with Prince in 1985, in which he wrongly underestimated the artist due to his "Zorro-type outfit with ruffles down the front". Naturally, Murphy got dominated.  Watch the hilarious sketch above.

And the best part of the story? After the game, Prince took Murphy and his friends back to his house and served them pancakes. Prince himself later confirmed it was all true, and then used a photo of Chappelle WITH pancakes as the cover of his 2013 single "Breakfast Can Wait".

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