Jack Whitehall Dressed Up As Harry Styles And It Was Hilarious

One Direction just hit puberty in a BIG way.

At the Royal Variety Performance last night, Jack Whitehall dressed up as Harry Styles and shit went crazy.

After One Direction's performance, Whitehall came on stage and offered to replace Zayn Malik. We'd certainly like to see that.


He said “I was just wondering, obviously you lost a member, and then decided you were going to take a break... but if there was someone around who was willing to step in, might that be a decision you reconsider?”

Liam replied with “Maybe if you shaved your chest a little bit...”

“I’ll be taking this from a boyband to a man-band,” Whitehall then said. “It’s called puberty.”

Niall, Louis and Liam clearly found it hilarious, but Harry not so much. 


You can catch Jack Whitehall in series two of Drunk History UK on Comedy Central early next year!