Did You Ever See James Corden And Kevin Hart's Rap Battle, Though?

'Go home jokey smurf!'

You thought James Corden's epic rap battle vs. David Schwimmer, AKA Ross Geller, couldn't be beaten. But you've been known to be wrong on occasion, and this is one of those times. If you've never seen him take on Kevin Hart, we thought we'd give you the opportunity, 'cos we're good like that.

Kevin Hart, my friends. He's battled Kevin Hart. And dayum, shit got ugly.

The Late Late Show via Youtube

'Give it up for James 'The Lyrical Juggernaut' Corden,' the compere screamed into the mic, before the 37-year-old dude with the best job in the world graced the stage in a silver hoodie.

'Don't get nervous,' Hart began the trash talk with. Corden responded, 'do I look nervous?' (erm, yeah mate, you're sweating). 

'Where is he? There he is! There are no small actors but you're all small parts,' James started. 'You're so little, when you smoke weed you get junior high.'

The Late Late Show via Youtube

Not content with the verbal abuse, he actually gave Hart a stool to sit on, which the 'jokey smurf' declined.

Here comes Hart, though: 'I might be small but my bank account's big. I admit people are nice to your face, until they get home and realize you're not Ricky Gervais.' 

OOOOOOOOH. We could go on and on. Or you could just watch the whole thing here. Whose side are you on?

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