James Corden & Anna Kendrick’s 5 Minute Love Affair Just Gave Us A Toner

Seriously, though, it’s pitch perfect.

With all the shit going on around the world lately, it’s pretty nice to think about lovely things once in a while. Like love. Because love is lovely, isn’t it? Or, at least, love is lovely until it goes horribly, horribly wrong and you end up sobbing on a sofa covered in gross orange Wotsit dust and regret. 

Sorry. We’ll get to the point. 

James Corden and Anna Kendrick hooked up to celebrate love on The Late Late Show through the power of… well, song. Because does Corden do ANYTHING ELSE these days?

To be fair, the five minute medley featuring classics by Adele, Chris De Burgh and Bruno Mars is pretty good. Particularly the bit around 1:40 when James can’t get his belt off during a (not really) sexy rendition of Boyz II Men's I'll Make Love To You

If nothing else, it’s worth a watch to see Mr Corden warbling Whitney Houston-style, which left us both impressed and, frankly, wondering how he made children. 

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