James Corden's Show Will FINALLY Be On British TV, You May Now Freak Out

Seriously, you can start losing your shit already.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. James Corden - you know, that guy we hate with a burning passion for having the best life EVER - will soon be back on our own screens.

That's right, The Late Late Show will be on TV in the UK, not just the land of the free or whatever they like to call themselves. And you know what that means?

It means no more squinting at shitty YouTube clips on your phone. No, from now on it's full on Corden, baby.

So those times he dropped beats with David Schwimmer?

The Late Late Show via Youtube

You'll finally be able to see ALL. OF. IT. Just a day after the home of the something something.

Will he save more babies with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Will he play dodgeball with One Direction? 


Not to mention all those other sweet, sweet, Carpool Karaoke moments.