James McAvoy Shot Jennifer Lawrence While She Peed In A Funnel

Jack Whitehall was there too, we guess.

Look, in defence of Jack Whitehall, anyone who sits next to Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy is gonna find it hard to remind the audience that they still exist, let alone have an awesome new TV series with Jamie Redknapp and James Corden coming out soon. Look at her. Listen to James' accent. That's a tough gig right there.

But when they start talking about how they shoot eachother with BB guns between shoots, and how J-Law pisses through a funnel, and how James would casually burst in on Jen WHILE peeing through a funnel, to shoot her with said BB gun? Kid didn't stand a chance.

Watch their interview with Graham Norton now, and let us know whether you think the story is funny as hell, creepy as hell, or, a bit of both, or, well, you couldn't care less:

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