Jennifer Aniston Fan-Girling Over David Schwimmer Is Unbearably Cute

It's all in his new hair-do...

Have you seen The People vs O.J. Simpson? It’s brilliant.

Like, the performances are mostly lacking, and it’s not technically very good but - the HAIR, man. The freakin’ HAIR.

And of all the freaky barnets on display during the series’ run, one stands out: David Schwimmer’s ‘Rob Kardashian’ lightning streak.

Just look at the glorious man and his mane.

Jennifer Aniston enjoyed it too. When asked if she had a chance to watch Davey boy in the series by US show Extra, she said: "Are you kidding? Yes, I did.

"I’m so bummed that (O.J.) was not guilty and it was over," she joked. "By the way, he got away with murder."

Of the series, Jennifer added: "It was really fun - I have to say it."

Well ain’t that awwwwwwww-d-awwwwwwwwwww-rable? It’s good to know that there’s no hard feelings between any of the old gang.

But enough of that mushy stuff. Let’s just spend some more time looking at Ross’ new hair-do. The rest of the day is a write-off, anyway.




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