Jennifer Aniston Describes Babysitting Courteney Cox's Daughter And OMG We're So Jealous

Life is so unfair.

What do you do when you're the multi-millionaire Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, babysitting fellow Friends co-star Courteney Cox's daughter Coco?

Let said daughter have a good old rummage through your ultra-expensive wardrobe and jewellery box, that's what; and if Rachel Geller's attire is anything to go by, we're sure she had one hell of a time.

When questioned about her babysitting skills in a recent interview, whilst promoting new film Mother's Day with Jason Sudekis, Jennifer told E! News Mark Malkin: 

"I put them in the pool, put 'em in a tub, put 'em in your jewellery, give 'em your jewellery drawer."

Ugh, so unfair.

She then went on to say: "My girlfriends' kids usually roam through my closet, play dress up." with Sudekis quick to interupt: "Some of the boys would too.' He then joked: 'It's not a choice."

Girl or boy, we reckon if you've got access to Jennifer Aniston's wardrobe, you should definitely take advantage.

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