Jennifer Aniston Has Told A Touching Story About Friends

Even Chandler would cry.

Jennifer Aniston has just been named as the most beautiful woman in the world which duh, whatever, yes, obviously.

But when speaking to People about her award, she revealed a heart-warming new story about Friends and the impact it had on the world. 

They asked her what the most beautiful thing anyone ever said to her was, and she replied:

"One time I ran into this woman, she had just completed three years of cancer treatment. She was completely cancer free. And the one thing that had kept her going throughout all those horrid years of suffering with that, was watching Friends! It made her laugh." 

"That was one of my most precious moments," she finished, her voice apparently breaking as she told the tale. 

We've always said Friends is more than just a sitcom, as this week a writer shared with us how watching the show helped her battle her own mental health problems. It's true what they say. Friends really will be there for you. 

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