Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Stole Money From Her Mother As A Child

It's not the only time she's done this.

Everyone remembers when Chandler had The Claw after playing FAR too much Ms Pacman - but did you know Jennifer Aniston loved video games as a child, too?

The 47-year-old has revealed she used to steal cash from her actress mother Nancy Dow, to spend on video games down at the arcade with her pals (jealous. So, so jealous).

Asked to name the worst thing she did as a kid, Jen divulged: "I don't know... taking money from her purse, maybe a dollar. I don't think I would steal large sums of cash. A dollar went a long way when we were kids. It was for video games, the arcade, nothing serious."

We think Ross would disagree with you there, Rachel. Stealing's a very serious matter. And this isn't the only time it's happened, either.

Go to your (probably very nice) room.

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