Jennifer Aniston Reveals Clues That Made Fans Think She Was Gay

"I don't know how it works!"

From falling in love with a gay man in 'Object Of My Affection' to snogs with Lisa Kudrow and Winona Ryder's characters on Friends, Jennifer Aniston's career has occasionally touched on same-sex relationships.

But the actress surprised long-time friend Ellen DeGeneres on her TV show for her 60th birthday, where she revealed she herself was once believed to be gay.

The 48-year-old was reminiscing about the early 90s (when she first met Ellen) and said some people assumed she was a lesbian because of her peer group:

"There was The Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, k.d lang... my best friend Dre was with me always", she recalled.

"And I do think there was a moment where people might have not known if I was possibly on your team or not."

Ellen chimed in: "a lot of people had crushes on you and I think they were hoping. I think that's what it was." 

To which Jen asked: "'What are the clues? I don't know how it works! That's so sweet."

Ellen joked: "Well, it's too late now." Watch the whole thing here:

Damn you, Justin Theroux!

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