Jennifer Aniston's Bagpipes Blooper Is Everything You Need On Burns Night

"You know the song! Sing along!"

We were all born on planet Earth and by proxy we have all, at one point, lolled at Friends. But there are few magic moments that match the hilarity of Ross attempting to play the bagpipes, in an effort to impress Monica and Chandler before their wedding.

Jennifer Aniston would be inclined to agree - watching the clip back, it's clear the actress could barely hold back the lols as co-star David Schwimmer belted his way through, well, whatever the hell it was he was playing.

As Phoebe screeches along, Rachel tries SO hard to stifle her laughter that she clearly becomes Jennifer Aniston, totally losing it as Lisa Kudrow ups the ante. 

Burns Night celebrates the birth of Scotland's most famous poet, Robert Burns (nope, us niether - apparently he wrote Auld Lang Syne. You know, that song you're too pissed to remember at midnight at New Year's. Look, he's famous, ok?) but we'll remember it with this amazing blooper forevermore. Let us know if you've ever found any more!