There's New Proof That Jennifer Lawrence Is A Time-Travelling Helen Mirren


Helen Mirren is Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence is Helen Mirren. You might be wondering how that's possible, considering one is 70 and the other 25 - but we're never seen them in the same room together. Have you? 

Redditor JIkapomycc posted a picture of a young Helen Mirren circa 1970 online yesterday, and we'll be damned if it isn't the spitting image of our Jennifer.

This isn't the first time people have pointed out the similarities between the pair, with this image uploaded to Imgur four months ago:

And of course the rumour was all started by Jon Stewart, who originally discovered the whole thing with J-Law on The Daily Show. 

So it's conclusive. No more proof needed. Helen Mirren has a time machine and/or evil, youthful twin. We'll be right back when we find out which.