Jeremy Kyle Opens Up About His Troubled Life

Jeremy Kyle often speaks in the first person when talking about his guests. If you take these words out of context, his life suddenly seems a lot less squeaky clean than he'd have you believe. Watch the clips below for some truly shocking revelations about his private life...

[subheader]There was the time he declared his undying love for a guest[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he bragged about the size of his manhood[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he had to leave because of his broken heart[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he admitted cheating on a woman's son[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he ran out of electricity[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time when he was made to sleep downstairs[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he got rejected[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he admitted his Brummie fetish[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he threatened physical violence[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he suggested a threesome[/subheader]

[subheader]There was the time he talked about his heroin addiction[/subheader]

[subheader]And lastly there was the time he talked about his pregnancy[/subheader]

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