J.K. Rowling Is Not Happy With The Actor Who Played Seamus Finnigan


Harry Potter fans will know J.K. Rowling's pretty active on Twitter.com.

She's known for tinkering with plotlines years after the books were published (Dumbledore was gay and Sirius liked Radiohead, FYI) but some things she will not change. Ever. Case in point: the house Seamus Finnigan was sorted into.

One of the most loyal Gryffindor members, Seamus rocks the red and gold robes with pride.

But the actor who played him, Devon Murray, is in Slytherin. And J.K. ain't happy.

Devon stood by his claim:

You call J.K. Rowling 'My love'?! WE WANT YOUR LIFE

But we've still got questions. LOTS OF QUESTIONS

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