Joey Tribbiani Inspires Balenciaga To Create $9,000 Coat... Sort Of

"Could I BE wearing any more clothes?!"

We all know Friends is becoming a real staple of western fashion these days... 

Just look at all of the thematic merch Urban Outfitters keep bringing out. 

But this has reached a whole new level of crazy. 

High street shopping complex is one thing. Balenciaga cat-walk is another. 

This new coat by Balenciaga costs a mere $9,000...

Look familiar? 

Though it might not have actually been based on Joey's attire when he stole all of Chandler's clothes, it certainly looks like it. 

Joey Tribbiani the style icon strikes again, huns. 

But don't worry if this particular item is slightly out of your price range, Twitter users are out here with solutions, people! 

Can't wait for A/W18 now... 

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