Joey Tribbiani Will Be The First Person To Live Forever As A Machine

The future is wild.

If anyone lately has told you that they're sick and tired of experts, you fire right back and tell them that experts are the greatest thing on the planet.

Because we've got the evidence: according to The Guardian, a team of researchers at the University of Leeds are looking to immortalise popular characters as digital friends you can chat to, kind of like Siri. Not that anyone really chats with Siri, but you know what we mean.

And the first character they're going to digitise and essentially grant eternal life? None other than Joey Tribbiani.

Warner Bros./Comedy Central

The team is building algorithms that can track characters and capture their face, voice and body language, resulting in a new virtual version that can combine these to generate new sentences.

Some automatically created phrases by Robo-Joey include "I like pizza with cheese" and “Hey Ross do you want me to talk to some lady". Classic Joey.

Warner Bros.

The researchers are apparently going to do the same thing with other characters, but Joey is all we need.

Ross is going to be so mad when he finds out.

Warner Bros/Terminator 3

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