John Lewis (The Person, Not The Shop) Is Twitter's True Christmas Hero

Every. Damn. Year.

Well, here we are people. Falling leaves. Dark afternoons. Pumpkin Spiced everything, from lattes to lube. Yep, we are well and truly entering Christmas season.

In recent years, the official Christmageddon Klaxon duties have been fulfilled by John Lewis, purveyors of middle class cash bait (looking at you, Cath Kidston feminine wipes), and makers of sickly sweet sales messages dressed up like cultural touchstones.

Yep, everyone loves the fucking John Lewis Christmas advert, and what do we do when we love something these days? We tweet the shit out of the person who did the thing. But what if we tweet the wrong person? What if A  F U C K  T O N of people tweet the wrong person?

lovelondresuk / johnlewis

Meet @JohnLewis, a man with the name of one of the most viral shops of all time. Recipe for disaster, right?

Every year thousands of people @ him in to their tweets about the new @johnlewisretail advert, and every year he handles it like an absolute PRO. Seriously, the man is a legend.

Here are a few of his finest moments...

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