Josh Pieters' Tom Holland Interview With Caspar Lee & Conor Maynard Is The World's Most Awkward Creation

'Have you seen my Comedy Central show on Snapchat...?'

Josh Pieters, Caspar Lee and Conor Maynard have nailed it.

There is no greater joy than second-hand cringe. Watching someone embarrass themselves is just one of the sadistic pleasures to be had in modern day pranking. But trust us when we say…

This one tops them all.

With the help of an earpiece, Tom Holland and one of those solemn hotel press rooms with an ambiance to cut glass, the terrible trio were able to prank Spiderman himself; Tom Holland, into the most awks interview ever conducted. 

Armed with a pink bandana, stone-cold expression and two devils on his shoulder, Josh entered the interview room, asking Holland if he was ‘planning on wearing [that] outfit for the entire interview’. What followed is probs the most excruciatingly uncomfortable encounter ever known to grace the interwebz.

Check it out here, if you can bear it...

We’re still recovering. 

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