Just How Well Do You Know Possible Future Prime Minister, Andrea Leadsom?

Can you guess which of these ridiculous statements are her actual opinions?

The race to be Tory leader got a little bit more interesting yesterday, when frontrunner, Pob, was forced to withdraw his candidacy after sending out a pretty stupid text and losing some pretty key supporters. Obviously this isn't the first time the anthropomorphic used condom, Michael Gove, has leaked information to get ahead (tell 'em Boris, bye), but it just goes to show that sometimes you're nowhere near as popular as you think you are...

This leaves us, the orphaned British public, with two possible new mummies - Theresa May, who once decided to drive a 'immigrants go home' trucks around areas of increased racial diversity, and Andrea Leadsom, a walking-talking Daily Mail comments section.

Currently, the press is trying to paint Andrea (or Angela, as some have delightfully called her) as a sort of W.I., cream tea, cuddly wuddly Thatcher, and (rather upsettingly), she's actually gaining popularity. 

But how well do you know Andrea Leadsom? Can you tell which of these 22 opinions are actually hers!?


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