Justin Bieber Drank A Glass Of Milk And It's Yours For £66,000

He stopped off for dinner in an Essex pub.

What do you do if the world's biggest pop star pops into the pub you're working at for a glass of milk and a plate of salmon and mashed potatoes?

Try not to pass out with excitement, first off. Then steal his glass and put in on eBay, of course.

Biebs popped into the Kings Oak restaurant in Epping, Essex for a bite to eat while in the UK on his tour and staff could barely keep it together. They posted on Facebook:

“So no Biggie... Justin Bieber just had dinner in the Kings Oak... !!!!! ...stroll in the lovely forest... extremely kind to our KO staff... Hugs and all.

“If it's good enough for Bieber...”

Paula Silkman, events manager at the hotel, told the Daily Mirror:

"He ordered the salmon and mash with a glass of milk. He wasn't drinking alcohol.

"We've kept the glass. I think one of the girls took it home. It hasn't been washed!

"We respected his wishes and didn't take any selfies while he was here.

"He was very lovely and spoke to some of the young girls who work here, just chit-chatting, before giving everyone hugs when he left."

That glass is now on eBay and bids are up to a shocking £66,000 (about $80,000 USD). 

People can't get over the fact this is happening:

But we're over here wondering which Bieber fan has £66k to spare and if they can lend us some lunch money. As for what they're gonna do with the glass when it arrives in the post, we'd rather not know.

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