Justin Bieber Fans Paid £1407.56 To Meet A Cardboard Cut Out

It fell a little flat.

Yep, it's too late now to say sorry. Cause, yep, we're missing more than just your body.

The Biebs has disappointed fans by ending his meet and greets but not reimbursing fans who'd already paid $2000 (£1407.56) for the experience. 

Fans who brought the VIP backstage experience could only get a refund if they also forfeited their ticket to the show, something obviously many were reluctant to do. 

Instead they "met" with a Justin cut out - a disappointment despite the cardboard's similar personality to the singer's. 

Bieber quit meet and greets last week because they leave him "drained", which left some of us a bit "What do you mean?"

Still, we hope he - and his cardboard cut out - are happier now. 

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