Kanye West Bought Kim Kardashian 150 Christmas Presents That Cost More Than Your House

And people say romance is dead...

You know those novelty socks you got your significant other for Christmas? You goddamn suck, you jackass. Kanye West bought 150 – a hundred and fifty – ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY presents for his wife Kim Kardashian, and he did it in the most romantic way possible. Yep, he sent one of his assistants to Italy to go shopping and approved the items via Skype.

Romeo and Juliet, eat a shit. You punk-ass twats. You're no Kim and Kanye.


Unless you showered your partner with luxury labels including Prada, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton (and 147 more), you're not as good a person as Kanye West, even though he said some really mean things about his ex recently that were pretty ungallant and that nobody came out of well.


In the spirit of giving, of course, you can't see Kim's gifts without downloading her app, watching the adverts within it and giving her even more. Kanye's given her the gift that keeps on giving! What a jolly Christmas tale! God bless us, every one!