Kanye West Has Been Caught On An Illegal Download Site, And Twitter's Going Crazy

Yeezy for freezy.

If you’re a good person, you probably set up a direct debit to Kanye West as soon as he begged for funds on Twitter. Despite what Lenny flippin’ Henry might tell you, helping a multi-multi-millionaire create boutique All Saints rip-offs is the noblest cause on planet Earth.


And if you even have a soul, you probably darted to the app store after Yeezy and a legion of other famous 0.1 percenters pleaded for more money by way of their streaming service, Tidal.

But it turns out that cause Kanye might not be as legit as we once thought. Despite his monumental wealth, and relentless sermons about paying a fair price to artists, the Chi town rapper is now suspected of robbing software from his musical peers.

After posting a screenshot of a Sufjan Stevens song on Twitter, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a suspicious tab on his browser. Closer inspection revealed that he was on notorious illegal download site Pirate Bay, a domain that allows people to snatch copyrighted material for free.

Fellow musician deadmau5 called Kanye out for allegedly downloading synthesiser software Serum without paying.



This, from a guy who, through Tidal, preached about creating 'a more sustainable model for the music industry'. As of this time, he hasn't deleted his tweet or responded to allegations, but we assume when he does it will be equal parts unintelligible and awesome. We'll keep you updated.