Kanye West Has Been Offered A Job At Pizza Hut


Kanye West is no stranger to a little controversy, but he recently annoyed even more people than usual after going on a Twitter rant about how much debt he's in - despite the fact he and his family live in a mansion and probably have enough designer clothes to dress every person on planet earth.

And while there have been some excellent responses to his recent claims, our favourite is definitely this tweet from Pizza Hut.

They also mocked up a hilarious CV in the style of the album cover for his recently released 'The Life of Pablo'.

We're not sure whether the rapper has got back to the food chain yet, but the idea of Kanye delivering our pizza on a Friday night while no doubt going off on a rant about how people don't appreciate his art doesn't sound too appealing.

Luckily he seems more interested in rich people donating money to him than getting down to some hard graft in a pizza kitchen.

It must be so hard being rich and famous...