Katherine Ryan Drops Her Top Six Roast Battle Tips

Not to be confused with pot roast.

Roast Battle dropped last night and it was INSANE.

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But alas, we can’t help but wish that had the comedians' roasting skills. We need tips, help, someone to teach us how to be so mean it’s comical...

So who better to give us this brilliant advice than the queen of the judging panel, Katherine Ryan?

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She sat down with Metro and revealed everything we need to do to be successful in a roast off, get ready- it’s about to get roasting:

1. "Make sure that they (the roastee) are a willing participant." 

Basically, don’t roast a stranger on the school run. Because that’s abuse. 

2. "Remember, it’s a language of love - research their entire career."

She means you should hop on over to their Wikipedia page and dig up all that dirt. It’s fair game on the battlefield.

3. "Look at their photo, their face, mannerisms they might have - things that other people would notice but might not be brave enough to comment on."

4. "Hit them where it hurts - weaknesses that they have that they think other people haven’t noticed." 

So the meaner, the better! After all, we're here for a roast - not a shepherds pie.

5. "Mix the light and the dark - you want to build someone up before you tear them down."

Ah yes, we love being built up just to be knocked to the ground again. Truly the language of love.

6. "End on a nice note, end on a positive - you want to finish with a handshake."

She’s right guys, be mean until you’re about to run out of time and don’t want them to beat your ass after.

After you’ve got ALL of this down to a T, you can successfully step onto the Roast Battleground.

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Maybe if we’re lucky enough and the student becomes the teacher, Katherine might let us have a roast off with her?

No? Well, worth a shot.

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