Kellogg's Admit Someone Literally Peed In Your Cornflakes

Oh Snap (Crackle, and Pop).

Next time some passive aggressive little nugget asks "Who peed in your cornflakes?" you're going to have a bonafide, highly disgusting answer.

That answer? A Kellogg's factory worker in Memphis. 

A video has emerged of said worker urinating on a conveyor belt in the factory. The video was allegedly shot in 2014 and affected Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies cereal and puffed rice cake products. The snap, crackling, and popping must've been through the roof. 

Kellogg's confirmed that people did actually eat the contaminated products (though not us, because Rice Krispies are bland and horrible. Pee might've helped the overall appeal).

"Kellogg takes this situation very seriously and we were shocked and deeply disappointed by this video that we learned of. We immediately alerted law enforcement authorities and regulators," an offical spokesperson wrote on the company's blog.

There are a few lessons here: 1) don't pee on conveyor belts , 2) if you must, don't film it, and 3) eating pee-soaked cereal is clearly not that bad for you, or we would've found out sooner. 

It's true what they say, pals, ignorance is (Special K) Bliss. 

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