Kevin's Fiancée Didn't Let Him Go On A Birthday Trip So Cardboard Kevin Went Instead

Truly inspiring.

Hey, hey you. Did you know you can do anything you want to do? Unless you can't, we guess.

But if you can't (maybe you have weird thumbs, or smell like mildew, or have a crazy controlling fiance), know this: your cardboard cut-out can.

This was a lesson learnt by one Kevin, who's fiance didn't allow him to go on a birthday trip with his mates. Instead they took cardboard Kevin, a real ladies' man whose charm never falls flat.

Check out the pictures, below.

The images were uploaded to Reddit by user AteMyWheaties (who did? We're so sorry), who later updated the post to say Kevin's fiance was now mad at Kevin because cardboard Kevin was getting a lapdance. "Cardboard Kevin is held to the same rules as alive Kevin," he wrote.

Best of luck, Kevin. Maybe send cardboard Kevin to the altar in your place, yeah? 

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