KFC Built A Gravy Fountain And Changed The Game Forever

Would you try it, or are you too chicken?

KFC gravy is one of the greatest human inventions alongside Nutella, Harley Quinn and Nigel Farage's new moustache.

We've always said we'd drink it if we could - and now we can go one better by sticking our goddamn heads under a constant stream of warm, bubbly, slightly-powdery-but-somehow-still-totally-delicious brown stuff.

Every day. Forever.

That's right, KFC have only bloody gone and built a gravy fountain - so you can drown your chunks of golden crispy deliciousness in a vat of tasty goodness until you puke. If you work in their London head office, that is. 

Word on the street is that people went so crazy for the picture, the brand are thinking of launching them in-store. Fingers crossed.

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