Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Gift Guide Includes £10,000 Champagne

You might need to take out a loan first.

Just when you thought you knew EVERY facet of information worth knowing about the Kardashians and their orifices, Kim Kardashian goes and releases a shopping list to help you copy her sex life in every way (minus the 'leaked' sex tape - that part's up to you).

Her Valentine's Day themed gift guide, called 'Behind Closed Doors', includes items such as a riding crop( that looks like it'd leave actual scars) to the least subtle sex game ever ('Let's Fuck!').

Though, before you get too excited about banging someone in the Kardashian style, you might want to consider your finances first, because some items are pretty pricey... *cough* $10,000 bottle of champagne *cough*.