Kim Kardashian Lookalikes Are Fighting In Public And It's Perfectly Awful

"You’re in the corner of my story boo.”

"Hate is a very strong word, what makes you think you’re that special? You’re in the corner of my story boo.”

Jordan Parke via Facebook

Not a killer line from a classic KUWTK cat fight, but an insult delivered from one Kim impersonator to another in a public brawl that's captured the imaginations of Kardashian fans everywhere.

Jordan Parke via Facebook

Jordan Parke, from Salford, and James Holt, from Bury, dedicate their lives to imitating Kim Kardashian. Why, no one knows, but *everyone* enjoys it.

Living just a few miles apart in the UK, they've both plumped for insanely expensive lip fillers and surgery to get that Kimmy K look - sparking some, uh, healthy rivalry:

Jordan Parke via Facebook

They've both traveled the world to get featured on TV and in newspapers for their ~interesting~ lifestyle choices. Jordan recently got a double page spread in a US magazine and was NOT happy when James' reported £21,000 face popped up in the corner of his article.

"He is where I was two years ago just with the lip fillers. I have done L.A, New York, been on Spanish and German television.

“He is mad they brought me up in his article but I was the one doing it first so they are going to make comparisons. But I’m going for the more au natural look now anyway. He’s hating because his story isn’t getting as much attention as mine.” KUWTK-impersonators... coming to a TV near you.

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