Kris Jenner Is Being Trolled By Staples (Yes, The Stationery Shop)

It's academic.

Kris Jenner and the Kardashian family aren't exactly surprised by attention. You *could* say they like it. Expect it. Crave it, even. 

They're not too fussy about where it comes from, so when stationery giant Staples popped up to say hello (and troll Kris Jenner to hell) we're sure they welcomed the publicity with open arms. Probably. 


See, what happened was Kris got bored of buying unbelievably expensive stuff with her millions, so she switched it up and made some of her own - using... paperclips.

Jokes, that's something really fucking expensive, made to *look* like paperclips. Staples, home of the paperclip and every stationery item ever, weren't taking that lying down. NO SIR:

Jenner fans lost it. They just lost it:

While you're here, check out Kim Kardashian's sex toy range. Don't worry, no paperclips included.

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