Kylie Minogue Is Taking Kylie Jenner To Court, And She Ain't Pulling No Punches

You should be so lucky, Jenner.

You can only imagine how furious Kylie Minogue was when Kim Kardashian famously “Broke The Internet” with her astronomically large butt.

Kylie, for those who don’t remember, owned the most celebrated celebrity rumpus of the nineties and noughties. She dominated the revered ‘Rear of the Year’ ceremony for a decade, leaving all other derrieres in her butt dust.

But nowadays, the word ‘badunkadonk’ conjures up a very different image. Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azealia. Jennifer Lopez or, of course, Kim Kardashian – the woman who stole her crown.

Chances are, Kylie’s spent the last year and a half plotting revenge on KK and everybody she holds dear. Today, she may have finally achieved it.

Kim’s half-sister Kylie recently tried to trademark her first name, but Kylie Minogue and her lawyers are attempting to block the application.

She reasons that it would cause confusion between the two and dilute Minogue’s brand (not only that, but she also owns the domain ‘’). So far, so boring – but it’s the shade with which Kylie’s legal team argues their case that truly sends shivers down your spine and then, eventually, all over your arse.

They refer to the Jenner Jr. as “a secondary reality television personality who appeared…as a supporting character” and goes onto highlight her controversial Instagram posts.

And just to show that she's ready for a fight, the Aussie popstar tweeted this the other day.



Inspirational. Bless you Kylie. Bless. You.

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