Lady Gaga Made Matt LeBlanc Pick Which Friend He'd Rather... You Know

"She'd very bendy".

Forced to choose between sex and food, Joey Tribbianni (AKA Matt LeBlanc) had a pretty hard time in Friends.

But forced to pick who he'd rather... you know... out of his stunning co-stars, LeBlanc had an even tougher time.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

But when Lady Gaga and James Corden are breathing down your neck, you have to make a decision. So, Monica or Rachel?

"I have to... I would have some of... I would have to choose Phoebe. She's very bendy."

Matt's actually talked about how he thought Joey and Phoebe should end up together before now. Joincidence? We think not. He wants Phoebe on bread.

Watch the whole awkward video of Matt making his decision on The Late Late Show with James Corden RIGHT HERE:

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