Lady Puts CV On Chocolate Bar And You'll Wish You'd Thought Of It First

Wait until you see the back of the wrapper.

Send 100 CVs out. Get 54 rejection letters, a bout of silence, and 96 spam emails. Send 100 more Cvs out. Sit in pants with pizza and cry incessantly. 

We all know the routine. Except this genius, going by the name of Renata Chunderbalsingh (how she didn't stand out to employers with a name like that in ther first place, we'll never understand). 

Renata was sick of getting rejections. She'd had enough of silence from employers. So she had a think. What does EVERYONE love? 

Tom Hiddleston wasn't available (he's on some rocks with T-Swizzle, apparently), so she went for the next best thing. Chocolate. What we mean to say is, she printed her goddamn CV on a goddamn chocolate bar. And it's bloody beautiful.

"I am new to the industry, and was thinking well, 'how can I get out there and tell them that I'm good?'" she told Mashable Australia. "I thought, I have to differentiate myself from the crowd."

Using a bar from Lindt, she got a designer to print her professional skills and qualities (all 100% amazing, obv) onto a blue wrapper and sent them to different recruitment agencies and companies in the past week. Her most positive response was from Gemma Lewis from Resources Group, who posted it on LinkedIn.

"Not sure if we were bribed or charmed, but either way it prompted a lovely chat with Renata this morning," Lewis wrote in her post.

Lewis told Mashable Australia it's the most creative CV she's ever received: "I rarely get anything in the post so that was unique in itself. Otherwise some candidates stand out in terms of design, infographics and formatting of CVs, catchy headlines in emails, content in the opening statement or hobbies even, but nothing like this," she said.

Chunderbalsingh said Lewis has been helping out "a lot": "Hopefully I'll finally find a job, and keep this as a nice memory of how I started my career," she laughs.

Chunders (may we call you Chunders?) you're our hero.

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