Lindsay Lohan's Parent Trap Video Is The Ultimate 90s Throwback

In your honour, a royal flush.

Ah, 1998. The heady days of rocking out at the Spiceworld tour, watching a new Friends episode every Friday, trying to keep your Tamagotchi alive and mimicking EVERYTHING that adorable ginger girl in The Parent Trap said.

That's right, the greatest life-swap film of all time was released 18 frickin years ago, and the lead actress (who of course, wasn't a twin - but you only found that out when you bothered to look at the DVD cover and gasped in shock at the cleverness of it all) of course morphed into Lindsay Lohan, the cocktail-swigging, Marlboro Light-sucking actress/DUI collector we know and love (to watch do stupid things). 

In perhaps the greatest 90s throwback of all time, she's uploaded a Dubsmash video of herself lip-syncing to one of the movie's greatest lines. This is vintage Lohan in its prime:


A video posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Could this be more perfect? She can fence and we can't. She has class and we don't. It's all too much to take on a Monday.

If you need us, we'll be in the corner, re-watching the movie and trying to make the sticky aliens we bought on eBay FINALLY have babies (you put yours in the fridge, right?). 

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