Lisa Kudrow Reveals What Happened To Phoebe in 2017 And It’s Cute AF


If you’ve been yearning to find out what happened to the Friends cast, then you’re luck - Lisa Kudrow has spilt the beans on what Phoebe would be up to in 2017.

Promoting her film Boss Baby, the actor spoke about how marriage and kids might have made her a little less, er, strange.

“I don’t know if she would have become more regular. She got married to Mike and let’s just say that worked out and they had kids.”

Swoon - so it turns out they stay together. Kudrow also spoke about what it would take to make a Friends reunion happen - aka everything we’ve been wondering for the last 13 years.

“[It would take] everyone else wanting to do it, including Martin David who created the show.”

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She questioned whether the world would really be ready for a Friends reunion, however, “The show that people loved was about 20/30 somethings before the big part of their life you really wanna see them with kids and all that?”

I think we can safely say the answer to that is a big, old yes.


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