Literally Everybody Is Ignoring Kanye West Right Now

Is... is he a ghost?

Two months ago, you couldn't click a single link without coming across at least fifteen stories about Kanye West. If it wasn't the ongoing saga around The Life Of Pablo, it was that intense Twitter battle between Yeezy and Wiz Khalifa (and who could forget Amber Rose's *clears throat forever* digital input). But maybe, just maybe, people are starting to get a little bored of Ye's shenanigans...

Around 72 hours ago, Kanye premiered the music video for his single, Famous. You know, the one where Yeezy takes credit for Taylor Swift's hitting the big time... for interrupting her at an awards ceremony... while she was winning an award... because she wasn't 'famous' before winning an award...

ANYWAY, long story short, the video contains basically every celebrity of the day (Rihanna, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Caitlyn Jenner, Kim K, Chris Brown, and Amber Rose among others) completely nude. YES, NUDE!

Kanye West

So, what were the naked celebs' responses to the greatest soon-to-be legal case / clickbait headline of all time?

Nothing. Stone cold silence. Seriously, not a single one of these super famous, now derobed celebs have batted an eyelid! And Kanye is not happy...

Seriously, Kanye, how needy can you be! Everyone watched the video, it's all over the internet, it's iconic, it's genius, it's a work of fucking art, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US, MR WEST!? 

Well, obviously he wants the media circus of a high-profile legal case to provide him with yet another platform for (occasionally justified) self-aggrandising and proclamation of his 'creative genius', but as yet not a SINGLE CELEBRITY (including former President, George W. Bush) have taken the bait. Now, this must hurt *quite* a bit, seeing as he's now deleted the tweet. Poor, poor Kanye.

Sorry, Yeezy. It looks like maybe, just maybe, the rest of the celeb world is over you. 

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